Apr 01, 2022

How to find out if your child has too much screen time

excessive screentime in children and easy ways to prevent or control it

The cyber-world is a virtual world. Many a time, our mind is tricked into seeing and believing what is false as being true. we experience when communicating with people in the real world are relatively less when we enter the cyber world.

There are no limits to the cyber world. The Internet, or the World Wide Web, can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The web seamlessly connects different people and nations. Because of this, Internet users have to tread this maze with caution.

The Internet is designed to track all the information, both good and bad, that users seek through their computers, mobile phones, or other devices. A student uploading a nude photograph of a classmate is, in fact, digging his own grave. Those who publish fake pictures and disrespectful content actually become the laughing stock themselves.

If we are aware that we are being constantly monitored by the cyber world, it can bring about a positive change in our behaviour. This could also help us stay away from being involved in anti-social activities. The cyber-world is a virtual world. Many a time, our mind is tricked into seeing and believing what is false as being true. Difficulties such as fear and doubt that we experience when communicating with people in the real world are relatively less when we enter the cyber world. Therefore, communication in the cyber world may not be courteous or measure up to normal standards. While the negative criticism of another person in the real world will spread only to 5 or 10 people, it can reach across to lakhs of people via social media.

Any data or videos recorded on CCTV or mobile devices are considered cyber evidence. Hundreds of these types of data, which can be accepted as authentic evidence for different crimes, lie hidden in the cyber world. Any activity in the cyber world has to be done with extreme care and caution. Every single interaction of ours on Facebook, WhatsApp, and email remains forever on the Internet. They become undeniable evidence under strict cyber laws. Investigation agencies possess the legal right to monitor the online activities of suspects. The phone data and social media accounts of those who indulge in anti-social activities are being constantly monitored.

In today’s world, people are required to be more transparent in whatever they do. This is the most transformative phase in the history of mankind. It is ironic that while a lot of the knowledge that we have gathered hitherto is becoming obsolete, we risk being left behind in time if we do not keep pace with the current information explosion that is taking place. Parents, teachers, and guardians who are not tech-savvy become the laughing stock in front of children. The world is being controlled by cyber technology today!

Recommended Cyber Behaviour

We are legally obliged to follow the prescribed cyber etiquette when using the World Wide Web as we see women and girl children become cyber victims.

The male-chauvinistic society's belief that it is easy to seduce girls via the Internet and social media platforms as they experience uncontrolled hormonal changes during their teens is completely wrong.

Our brains become fully mature only by 20 years of age. As such, many of the decisions made by teenagers may not be made in a mature frame of mind. Students should change their mindset and make use of the Internet and social media for educational purposes only. In fact, parents and teachers should teach them how to use the Internet effectively for their studies. New information keeps coming in every day, but the information available through textbooks does not change that fast. The Internet helps students keep themselves updated on the latest information.

Social media does open up opportunities for combined studies, but each child should be taught cyber-social behaviour.

Developed countries are using Internet technology to modernize the education sector. However, our awareness of the potential of information technology is relatively low. We believe that the Internet and social media can adversely impact children's interests in studies and their behaviour. Actually, we need to adopt a practical approach. Fearing accidents, people do not refrain from walking or driving vehicles on the roads. This is because the fact that accidents can be avoided if we are careful is already ingrained in our minds. The same principle is applicable when we use cyberspace.

Though those with criminal tendencies misuse modern technology, some people don't even realize that what they are involved in is a criminal act. You may be located in one country, but it is possible to be involved in a crime in another country. Moreover, the cyber laws in each country are different. Furthermore, countries around the world are putting in efforts to ensure that cyber laws are flawless.

People who don't maintain decent cyber behaviour can lose their jobs and people will start hating them. Indelible records of their cyber activities will be available online and will haunt them throughout their lives.

Importance of Physical Activity

It is very important for a person to involve in some sports or any other physical activity in order to effectively use the capacity of his brain. Spending too much time in the cyber world and avoiding social interactions can lead to both physical and mental problems for people.

How to find out if your child is having too much screen time?

Excessive time spending with phones is similar to food, television, and entertainment addictions. Some children are more likely to become addicted than others.

Children suffering from mental conditions such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), depression, hostility disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, and antisocial personality disorder are more likely to become addicts than those who don't have such conditions. It has been observed that those suffering from hostility and antisocial personality disorders involve more in criminal activities in the cyber world.

Children suffering from ADHD do things without thinking, jump to another job without completing the one at hand, lose concentration quickly, unnecessarily interfere in other children's problems, react much faster than other children, show impatience in everything, and are more prone to accidents.

The symptoms of oppositional defiant disorder include disrespectful behaviour, blaming others for their faults and shortcomings, and short-tempered nature.

The behaviour of those with an antisocial personality disorder is marked by ruthlessness, remorselessness, and excessive anger as well as faster reactions.

Children who avoid social interactions, experience social phobia when they find themselves in a crowd, remain gloomy for long periods, have a feeling of guilt, forget fast, and lack concentration and self-confidence are those suffering from depression. The chances of them getting addicted to the Internet and social media are very high.

Hundreds of websites like Wikipedia, Ted, Science Daily, and Edge provide children with a great deal of scientific information about good living and factors that contribute to enhancing the same. Children can communicate with whoever they like, regardless of their gender and race, on social media and exchange knowledge. Actually, humans have extended childhood. The development of a human being's personality is intertwined with genetically acquired capabilities and 20 years of biological growth. That is why we need to design an educational system that favourably supports the growth of modern technology.


Prasad Amore
Prasad Amore

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