About us

SOFTMIND WELLNESS PVT.LTD.(U85300KL202IPTCO67692) provides evidence-based, non-invasive, Psychotherapies with the help of a combination of CBT, mindfulness, and experiential therapy in our clinics at Kochi, Calicut among other centers in various districts across Kerala. With 18+ psychologists and psychiatrists in our team, we assure you of a pleasant experience with our comprehensive solutions. We’ve 3 hospitals (two hospitals in Kochi and one in Calicut) and 3 clinics (Thrissur, Alappuzha and Calicut) in Kerala.

When you contact the softmind there is always a psychotherapist available to listen to your needs. The psychologist you speak to will be happy to suggest the best professional from the team of psychologists, psychiatrists and other mental health care professionals.

We have RCI licensed Clinical and rehabilitation psychologists, counselling psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists who will help you to understand your area of difficulty and offer effective solutions such as CBT, Solution focussed Therapy or Experiential Therapy to help you reach your treatment goal. You will get expert help and support from a mental health professional who have years of experience working with the difficulty that you are experiencing.

We have a range of psychiatrists who can discuss medication with you if appropriate. We offer some of the very latest research approaches such as evidence based cognitive therapies, experiential therapy, wilderness therapy, clinical hypnosis and the combination of psychotherapy with medication

At ,SOFTMIND, each of our expert specializes in a specific are of treatment so we can address detailed individual problems with the utmost competence. All our experts are trained and certified in their respective fields.

One of the aspects that sets SOFTMIND  apart from other clinics is that each of our experts specialises in a specific area of treatment so we can address detailed individual problems with the utmost expertise. From Psychotherapy to Psychiarty, all of our  mental health professionals are trained and certified in their respective fields. Our psychotherapy service is always 100% confidential and minding individual needs and differences

15 years

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Our Vision & Mission

To explore and evolve attitudes, values, and beliefs that facilitate work with individuals as mental health professionals.

To acquire knowledge and understanding of theoretical constructs and practical skills in experiential therapy and cognitve behavioural interventions.

Why Choose Us

We provide the highest quality mental health service which includes:

  • All mental health professionals offer at least two evidence based psychotherapy
  • 100% confidential service
  • Our Clinical and Rehabilitation psychologists licensed with Rehabilitation Council of India
  • Mental health professionals with a minimum of 6 years post qualification experience.
  • Psychotherapy based on the most recent research of effective treatments
  • Psychotherapy or medication available depending on your needs


Our Locations

We've 3 hospitals and 3 clinics in major cities in Kerala which includes Kochi, Calicut, Thrissur, and Alappuzha.