Health Anxiety

health anxiety disorders and treatments

There is a high level of anxiety about health, and the individual is easily alarmed about personal health status.Also called Illness anxiety disorder, this condition makes a person develop an irrational fear or anxiety about having or contracting a serious ailment.

Signs and symptoms of Illness anxiety disorder:

  • .Preoccupation with having or acquiring a serious illness
  •  Somatic symptoms are not present or if present, are only mild in intensity
  •  There is a high level of anxiety about health, and the individual is easily alarmed about personal health status
  •  The individual performs excessive health-related behaviours. While some repeatedly check their body for signs of illness, others avoid doctor appointments and       hospitals   altogether
  •  Illness preoccupation has been present for at least six months. But the specific illness that is feared may change over that period of time


The effectiveness of psychotherapies on reducing anxiety, stress and phobia and bringing down depression are well established. Cognitive behaviour therapy and clinical hypnotherapy have been found to be particularly effective. Psychologists will help you understand your thought process and the reasons for it. Mere understanding can bring down anxiety levels and guilt.

The treatment will depend upon several factors including the level of depression you are experiencing. For moderate depression and more severe depression it may be recommended that you need cognitive behaviour therapy and medication is associated with good treatment outcomes and crucially a reduction in the chances of experiencing further episodes of depression in the future.


Our team of psychotherapists are highly trained and qualified mental health professionals with competence as either cognitive behaviour therapists, clinical hypnotherapists, clinical and counselling psychologists. Our mental health professionals have the necessary skills, competence and experience to help you.