Privacy Policy

Softmind Wellness Pvt.Ltd Privacy Policy.The following information outlines the Privacy Policy of the Softmind Wellness Pvt.Ltd. This policy exists to ensure that the information collected by your practitioners is used appropriately and securely during your evaluation and treatment at the clinic.

Payment details
All card details are securely stored and we cannot see your full card details.

Other information is collected
During treatment at Softmind Clinic, information is collected that allows the practitioner to make informed professional decisions about the most appropriate evaluation and treatment modalities to be used. This information includes basic demographic data (eg name, date of birth, address, etc.) and other information that is considered relevant. These usually include:

The nature of the problem you are presenting;
Areas of behavior related to the issues presented;
The history of the problem presented;
Family history of relevant information; And
Other information required for the issuance of a clinical judgment with information on the nature of the complaint presented and other relevant factors

Confidentiality of information

In general, all information collected during evaluation and treatment at Softmind clinic remains confidential. However, there are several notable exceptions to this secrecy:

All clinicians in the clinic discuss their caseload with a clinical supervisor who is experienced in the supervisory relationship to ensure the best possible training. Information about the nature of the case (although full identification information is not required) is shared with the Practitioners' Supervisor;
In the event that practitioners form a professional opinion that the consumer or another person is at risk of causing significant harm, there remains a moral obligation to act on this information with the aim of preventing such harm;
In the event that a file is submitted to the court;
In the event that a client consents to share their information by filling out and signing a written consent form.

Use of information

The information collected by Softmind clinic is used for two purposes only

For the formation of an opinion of a practitioner who will guide the evaluation and treatment of the complaint presented; And
For evaluation of the service provided by the Softmind, collection of detailed statistics on referral sources, nature of presentation of issues, duration of attendance, etc. In all cases where information is used for statistics, no identifiable information is available.
Information security
The information provided to the Softmind is stored in the client file and in the clinic database (demographics and basic diagnostic information only). All files are stored inside the clinic in locked offices or locked filing cabinets or electronically secured. Files will only leave the clinic when they do not have identifiable information