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Evidence based, non-invasive, brain stimulation therapies

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Stay-at-hospital treatment facilities are available

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We have special services to serve you in really better way! If you want to get awesome care check our services.

Psychologists & Psychiatrists

We've 16 psychologists and 2 psychiatrists with experience and expertise to handle clients with mild, medium and severe psychological disorders.

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Treatments (Hospitals/Online)

Our clients can visit our hospital and stay for treatment. We provide online treatment facilities for our clients who’ve inconvenience visiting our hospital.

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6 Hospitals in Kerala

We’ve 3 hospitals and 3 clinics in Kerala in major cities in Kerala which includes Kochi, Calicut, Thrissur and Alappuzha. (Coming soon at Trivandrum & Bangalore)

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VIP Treatments available with 4star facility

For celebrities and VIPs who want to avail of our services without visiting our hospitals, we provide VIP treatment facilities at locations selected by our clients.

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Anonymous Therapy Available

Anonymous therapy is provided for our clients who prefer online treatment where the client’s details remain anonymous to the psychologist.

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Caretaker Counselling

Not just our clients but our clients’ caretakers too need help due to wear-and-tear with regular client routine follow-ups.

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About SoftMind

Here at SoftMind, we provide evidence-based, non-invasive, brain stimulation therapies with the help of a combination of CBT, mindfulness, and psychotherapy. With 18+ psychologists and psychiatrists in our team, we assure you of a pleasant experience with our comprehensive solutions. We’ve 3 hospitals (two hospitals in Kochi and one in Calicut) and 3 clinics (Thrissur, Alappuzha and Calicut) in Kerala. Our new hospitals will be inaugurated soon in Trivandrum and Bangalore. For clients who require online treatment, we’ve set up an online platform for the purpose with psychologists available for consulting round the clock.


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Check the blog post from our psychologists who share their opinion on various aspects of human psychology, mental health and psychological wellness.

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How to a Supportive Partner: The Brain & Neuroplasticity Approach

Kevin Peter

Our brains are squishy structures that can change and that can be changed by us, us, you know, by our own brain!

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Cyber Bullying - A Challenging Definition and the Psychology Behind Cyber Attacks

Sanghamitra Banerjee

This definition of cyber bullying is similar to the

Metaphor Therapy Blog Post Images

Metaphor Therapy: Benefits & Examples

Prasad Amore

Ecotherapy is the practice of the new field of ecopsychology founded by Theodore Roszak, also

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Abusive Heart and Brain

Kevin Peter

Thanks to the advancements in neuroscience and modern technology, with the help of medical


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