May 06, 2022

How Long Does Love Last


The genetic nature of humans opposes such societal controls. Men want to sow their seeds as far as possible. That’s what they focus on!

Man: "Our bodies must merge and become one."
Woman: "Not now."
Man: "Can’t you sense my deep love for you?"
Woman: "Yes, but I want to talk to you a lot."
Man: "I will be with you till I die."
Woman: "Ok, but I need more time."

A woman can read the thoughts of a man. She understands when a man looks at her with surprise and lust. Women have memories, information, and life strategies stored in their conscious minds. They also have the innate ability to understand the feelings of men. Besides, women have the ability to exercise restraint and cope with sexual stress. However, the beauty of a woman can make a man lose control. He exhibits his best behaviour to attract the woman he likes. He will do anything to have sex. He will say that he also likes whatever a woman likes. He will keep showcasing his goodness and honesty.

A lady will always want to know the status of a relationship. She values her time and she looks out for a responsible partner. Her brain directs her to behave in such a way as to help her find a partner who is ready for a long-term partnership. She knows that it is difficult for men to resist temptation. There is no limit to a man’s desires. Love is a means for him to mate. A man gets sexually aroused at any time and in any place. Only 3% of mammals cohabit with their partners. The brain of a man tempts him to like another woman even when he is living with one woman. His genetic makeup is to have many relationships for short periods of time. In order to mate, a man does not need any emotional relationship. On the other hand, the biological makeup of a woman’s sexual relationship is one that highlights responsibility. It is a means of communication as far as a woman is concerned.

Concepts such as monogamy and monoandry have been advocated during different time periods to regulate social life by society itself. However, the genetic nature of humans opposes such societal controls. Men want to sow their seeds as far as possible. That’s what they focus on!

Nobody can devote their entire life to loving and caring for just one person. The genetic makeup of humans is not wired for the same. Love is an experience that the human body creates. The feeling of love and the lack thereof are games that human brains play. The experience of love is created by the action of several different brain chemicals. The basis of love is mainly sexual attraction. Hormones like oestrogen and testosterone are responsible for the same. Simultaneously, their bodies begin to produce a large amount (number) of monoamines. In this highly-strung situation, couples feel more attracted to each other because of the action of the phenylethylamine molecules. The hormones that are responsible for creating the feeling of intimacy after making love are oxytocin and vasoprin. The chemical that initiates the feeling of love is dopamine. As the intensity of love reduces, the influence of dopamine also decreases. If the couple has developed a feeling of intimacy, then oxytocin helps sustain that feeling. The urge to touch and embrace is created by oxytocin.

Deep love does not last long, though the duration varies from one person to another. Some people experience it for days or months, while others experience it for years. Love decreases when the brain gets saturated with love hormones. When the levels of love hormones in the brain become normal, the romantic behaviours of couples come to an end. The presence of the chemical endorphin helps to sustain the love affair for some time.

How is a sexual relationship sustained for a long time

Adopting a more democratic approach helps to sustain a relationship for a longer period. If the likes and dislikes and behaviours of couples more or less match, then the channels of communication will remain open. In a traditional society wherein families follow a slave-owner or teacher-student relationship, there is only limited scope for communicating in a democratic manner. The marital relationship gets ruined when individuals go into an emotionally isolated state.

Healthy physical and emotional responses and life-affirming experiences keep a relationship active. Physical contact and embracing help mates sense each other’s internal feelings. Moreover, kissing and embracing make humans gain self-confidence and become calm.

Getting close to the mate, building a house, caring for children, finding a job to live comfortably, and managing life with all of its problems are all aspects that help to sustain relationships. However, they would have lost their love for each other long ago.

Prasad Amore
Prasad Amore

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