My psychotherapist, Prasad Amore was always supportive helpful and polite. He helped me to understand that my current issues were and I was shared useful tips and solutions to manage my worries. It was a great help. Thank you

Sunil Mathew kochi

Anly Chandy is the best. She helped my sister and I to deal with our issues. She helped me overcome my anger and low self esteem. All her techniques worked. I highly recommend Anly Chandy. She wants to genuinely help people. And at this time and age, it is a rare quality you find in people. Thank you, Softmind Team  

Anila Mohan Kollam

I turned to Softmind for help getting through a very difficult phase in my life. I was skeptical about the psychotherapy result but then amazed at how I built a rapport with my therapist , Shamshi Mam . She never let me down.CBT has also helped me become much more self aware in many other areas of my life, over and above the difficulty that prompted me to apply, so even through sessions have ended I use what I have learned to help me to change the way I take things.

Neena Elamakkara