Child Adolescent Counselling

Adult, Child and adolescent counselling is designed to help adults and children/young individuals explore any problems that crop up in their emotional, social, or cognitive development. The counselling sessions give them the freedom to express their difficulties and confusing feelings in a safe and secure environment within set boundaries.

Therapy for teenagers/young people is designed to support these individuals by developing their awareness so that they can deal with relationships and social situations (family, education, sexual health, peer pressure issues) in a positive manner that causes them little or no distress.

A parent can be considerably upset when their child/adolescent is observed to be struggling psychologically or emotionally. It is vital to seek the help of professional child/adolescent counsellors. This is because the counselling sessions can enable you to help your child yourself. Also, you can seek their help to solve the emotional and social problems that your child is encountering.

Child and Adolescent Counselling

This type of counselling is very similar to adult counselling therapy. The basic aim is to provide a safe and secure environment wherein the child or adolescent can open up and express their insecure feelings, thoughts and behaviours that currently disrupt their daily social lives.

These sessions are designed so that counsellors can form a deep therapeutic bond with their patients. The counsellor tries to be non-directive so that the child/adolescent opens up fully verbally or physically and the environment is non-threatening. The counsellors strive to improve the self-esteem of the candidates and increase their resilience.

Whatever your child/adolescent is struggling with and how much ever complex the issue is, the counsellor tries to understand their patient’s anxiety deeply enough to treat them effectively.


Adolescence is a time that is critically important for the mental, social and emotional development of the individual. The behaviour patterns formed during this period often last long in the individual. Adolescents have an open mind during this stage of their lives and their neural pathways are still being formed.

Also, as adolescents’ brains are still developing and the hormonal changes occur during this period, they are more likely to fall subject to depression and also take part in high-risk activities than children or adults. These are some of the reasons why their emotional, social and mental developmental needs have to be looked into seriously.

Therapists need to influence them positively so that they can carry on the social and emotional lessons of well-being long into their later lives.

Counselling for Adults

Psychotherapy for adults can help them heal from trauma and learn additional coping mechanisms to handle problems in their lives. This may be particularly helpful when you are under stress in the different life stages such as starting a new career or if you are going through a divorce. These may be causing a great deal of stress and pain to the individual. However, psychotherapy is the most successful for an adult when the individual voluntarily decides to undergo psychotherapy and also has a strong desire for a positive change.

Counselling for Families and Couples

Most often, if you are an adult and are married, you look to your life partner or family to draw your strength. This is because you feel close and comfortable with these individuals. In such a situation you can openly communicate your feelings. In case this is not happening, counselling for couples and families helps to identify and address such concerns.

Child/Adolescent Counselling in Softmind

Children and adolescents, like adults, may need counselling therapy and in such a case will benefit from it. Therapy can also be effective for those families that have children. In this case, the family members begin to develop a deeper understanding of what is happening within the child in the context of their family dynamics.

Therapy for children and young adolescents at Softmind is geared at helping them to develop problem-solving skills and the value of seeking help from another person. These qualities are found to help both the children and their families in dealing with the stresses due to behavioural and emotional issues.

Child psychologists at Softmind offer face-to-face therapy at our counselling centers in Kannur and other cities. The main objective of such counselling sessions is for them to figure out the root causes of the child’s/adolescents emotional or behavioural upsets. For this to happen, we maintain a safe environment in which the children can bare all to the counselling therapists about what is troubling them.

Our therapists help out the children and adolescents with long-term coping skills that will help them to increase their resiliency. They teach family members how to interact with the child/adolescent so that it results in a healthy emotional and social outlook for the child. The parents are counselled on how to develop deep attachment and a healthy bond with their child/adolescent. All of these will have a positive bearing on the child’s/adolescent’s development in the present and the future.

It is important for children of divorcing parents to receive therapy as the emotional needs of the children may have been overlooked or simply not met. The couple may seek therapy to decide whether to stay in the marriage or leave.

Therapists at Softmind offer new and alternate methods of helping adults/children/adolescents cope under difficult conditions arising due to:

• Anxiety, Depression, other mental illness
• Divorce/separation
• Death of a loved one
• Bullying
• Trauma
• Emotional abuse
• Sexual abuse
• Physical abuse
• Family or child relocation
• Social Media Issues
• Substance abuse or addiction in the family