Wilderness Therapy

It is a very uncommon, adventure-based therapy used to formulate a different lifestyle.
Lifestyle plays a vital role in crafting our identity. With positive life experiences, new neural pathways are formed in the brain. In wilderness therapy, new and different life experiences and skills are learned. Only by learning new skills, a higher functioning brain can be formed. For this to happen, the subject’s action needs to be changed to a medium where the subject interacts with the surroundings to create a biophilic effect. The basic nature of the human is innative, that is, to get closer to nature. It leads to higher brain function and new neuron connections are formed and synapsis connections are established. If new neurons are not formed, these connections are lost.

Wilderness Therapy Ideal For

Lacking mental, emotional, or behavioural health
Change in attitude & behaviour
Academic performance & interpersonal relationships
Self-identity development
Lacking Self-awareness
Lacking Self-management
Lacking Self-regulation
Lacking Social awareness skills
Lacking Relationship skills
Lacking decision making & problem solving skills
Improve family relationships
Social and emotional learning
Low attention span
Low mood
Unhappiness or sadness
Grief or loss
Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
Substance use disorders
Eating disorders
Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)