Specialized Ayurvedic Psychotherapy

It integrates traditional treatments under the ayurvedic code of conduct, modern diagnosis methods in modern medicine, and pharmacopoeia.
The subject’s body is brought into a relaxation state using Dhara and Abhyangam (ayurvedic treatments). The psychotherapist focuses on the subject's body, and empathy is shown by the psychotherapist towards the subject while using ayurvedic treatments. A touch from the therapist and body relaxing massage helps reduce the pain and improves mental health.
Note: We recommend you to schedule an appointment or call us before hospital/clinic visit or for online treatment. This will avoid unnecessary waiting when our psychologist is consulting with a pre-booked client.
It’s the sole discretion of the consulting psychologist to decide if you need specialized ayurvedic psychotherapy or any other therapy. What treatment needs to be carried out is decided at the end of the first consultation. During the first consultation, the psychologist will talk with you for an hour or more. The psychologist will analyze and try to understand the cause of the psychological or mental illness. The psychological diagnosis is explained to you at the end of the consultation. A remedy or treatment or therapy (which, of course, includes the coping mechanisms) shall be discussed with you. If any sessions are required, the psychologist will explain it to you and what you can expect from it.

Specialized Ayurvedic Psychotherapy Ideal For

Replacement of emotions
Regulation of thought process
Re-framing of Ideas
Channeling of Presumptions
Correction of objectives and ideals
Proper guidance and advice for taking right decisi
Proper control of patience