Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Incidents from the past continue to haunt us, making it hard for some to live in the present and make the most of life. It needs to be understood that correcting the past is not possible. When the past affects the present, it affects mental health in various ways.

The psychologist analyses the problems that the subject faces, the often-traumatic incidents of the past and provides solutions to purge those experiences. That’s what SFBT therapy is all about. The psychologist acts as a mind coach. He questions irrational beliefs and makes the subject competent for finding the right solution. This therapy is ideal for people of all ages and different family backgrounds who may be suffering on account of trauma, addictions, relationship problems, depression, and other mental health disorders.
Note: We recommend you to schedule an appointment or call us before hospital/clinic visit or for online treatment. This will avoid unnecessary waiting when our psychologist is consulting with a pre-booked client.

It’s the sole discretion of the consulting psychologist to decide if you need solution focused brief therapy or any other therapy. What treatment needs to be carried out is decided at the end of the first consultation. During the first consultation, the psychologist will talk with you for an hour or more. The psychologist will analyse and try to understand the cause of the psychological or mental illness. The psychological diagnosis is explained to you at the end of the consultation. A remedy or treatment or therapy (which, of course, includes the coping mechanisms) shall be discussed with you. If more sessions are required, the psychologist will explain it to you and what you can expect from it.

Solution Focused Brief Therapy Ideal For

Child behavioural problems
Family dysfunction
Domestic or child abuse
Relationship problems
Personal Stress & work-related stress
Eating disorder
Anger management
Communication difficulties
Crisis intervention
Incarceration recidivism reduction
Greif & loss