Counselling & Guidance

Human beings often require guidance and facilitation from others. This is because the human being is a complex social animal who learns and understands existing and new things only from others. Our approach focuses on the subject's emotional, social, professional, educational background and health. This approach applies to people of different ages and with different lifestyles.
Therapeutic guidance and counselling are not exactly mental illness treatment. This approach is for those who don't have severe mental illness but develop problems because of lifestyle circumstances or mental confusion. The problem is diagnosed and assessed by the psychologist and counselling or guidance is provided.

Counselling & Guidance Ideal For

Addiction & substance abuse
Career decisions
Academic success
Wife-life balance
General & work-related stress
Time management
Lack self-discipline
Learning difficulties
Low mood
Unhappiness or Sadness
Communication issues
Depression-relapse prevention
Undesirable Spontaneous Behaviours
Sex education
Coping with trauma, grief & loss
Psychological concerns manifested in children & a
Improve social skills
Relationship or couple counselling
Premarital & Post-martial counselling
Anxiety disorders
Serious emotional & mental problems