Why does Suicide Increase among Children?

Why does Suicide Increase among Children?

July 27, 2020 by Prasad Amore0

In last March, Ashwathy named young girl committed suicide during the lockdown period.

Victims Mother’s View

Her mother said: “There was no severe grief occurred in her life.”

“She lived a life of unconditional love and we took care of all her needs. During the time of adolescence, when she watched the changes happening in her body with curiosity and embarrassment, we became her best friends. Of course, we know, her stress and sexual temptations can be an unavoidable. But we advise her to engage in hobbies like reading or creative activities in order to overcome this situation. Sometimes counseling sessions by psychologists are also given.”

“She was never banned from mingling with boys, but we ask her to control her prolonged telephonic conversations.”

Nowadays technologies like mobile phone are unavoidable. At the same time, they are incredibly prone to abuse.

“We thought she would become normal if the addiction to the mobile phone is reduced. So, we forcibly seized the cell phone from her. At that time, she replied nothing. But, the next day she committed suicide by jumping into the well.”

“She was our only daughter. We always tried our best to fulfil her desires. But, she ended her life for a silly reason.”

Kids Desires in the 21st Century

Children’s lives of the 21st century were different from those of the early days. They may leave home for silly reasons like for not providing an ice cream or chocolate.

They can be violent over trivial matters. They are not bothered about respect to the parents or elders. They were always in fond of latest versions smartphones or tabs. Modernity shows significant influence in the children’s lives, and they become a part of the global community. Their way of life is shaped by the forms of information technology and communication. These days kids aren’t very submissive. Parents have to work harder to make their children happy. Ever-evolving technology and social contexts affect the choices, activities and goals of children.

Modern parenting is different from that generation which brought up children by controlling children through disciplines and strict routines. Families are spending more on their children in today’s life condition, which is different from the days of poverty, starvation, disease and misery. They spent a significant amount of money on education, health and safety for children. And their thoughts and dreams were always connected to the progress of their children.

But modern methods of parenting, which inhibit the curiosity of the child and its ability to lead a social life, regulates every movement of the child. It blocks children’s natural learning ability and presents wrong information that compulsory training is necessary to acquire knowledge. In the name of modernity, they forcefully provide more knowledge than the child may handle.

Children Become Mentally Week

Children require emotional relationships apart from the costly materials for their lives. Their growth is happening not only by providing nutrition and security. We have to provide emotional requirements also. Society plays a significant role in children’s urges, motivations and emotions. Children’s emotional structures are more sensitive. Childhood is a time of dreams, hopes and free will. They give utmost importance to freedom. Children want to interact with their friends more than their parents. Suppressing these desires will lead to the development of internal stresses. Most children now spend most of their lives online and live with daily routines without external interference. Children’s privacy, freedom and individuality are sacrificed.

Many practices that parents and teachers prepare for the future of their children are absurd. Unnecessary pieces of information are forcefully filled inside the child’s brain. Thereby they failed to understand their surroundings and society. Although children may feel safer in modern life, their inner state is not secure. Children experience extreme stress and deep depression.

The Evils of Psychologism

Modern parenting is a field contaminated by psychologism. The prevalence of psychoanalysis of things can be seen in modern parenting. Parents have come up with new things about their children, such as brain plasticity training, grey matter growth, midbrain activation, multiply intelligence test, and brain gym. The inflating psychological conclusions distort even mild disturbances in children. Children are upset because, in today’s particular situation, they have to spend more time with adults. Attempts by parents to monitor children closely who fulfil their desires are causing internal distress to children.

Impact of COVID

The lockdown, due to COVID, changed children’s life significantly. They became bored and lifeless in this isolated situation. Children have lost the space to think and act independently because of the monitoring. The suppression of spontaneous mental expressions makes them insecure and anxious. Dissatisfied and anxious children who could not share emotions in adult domination are eventually ending up in a life-threatening situation.

Children are in very much fond of the outside world. They are curious and imaginative in everything. Their sensory cortex is always highly stimulated. Particular interest in the surrounding environment is their innate feature. Their senses are always open to assimilation. Therefore a rich external environment is necessary to solve the problems of the inner world of children.

Prasad Amore

Prasad Amore is a Licensed Rehab. Psychologist by RCI, Govt. of India. The 2nd Indian who has achieved the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma through National Qualification Framework of British Government. He is a psychological consultant and trainer helping individuals suffering with mental health issues and other psychological problems. He is a freelance writer and authored 5 books in Psychology and Social Science.

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