What we know about consciousness in Humans

What we know about consciousness in Humans

November 13, 2018 by Prasad Amore0

Human beings have a feeling called consciousness. Consciousness is one of the fundamental facts of human existence. Each of us is conscious. Consciousness also is what makes life worth living. If we weren’t conscious, nothing in our lives would have meaning or value. 

The centerpiece of the science of consciousness in recent years has been the search for correlations, correlations between certain areas of the brain and certain states of consciousness.  Now we understand much better, for example,the kinds of brain areas that go along with the conscious experience of seeing faces or of feeling pain or of feeling happy. 

It is consciousness which helps us connect to this world.Consciousness is a temporary mental activity. Its basis is on the present times. We only have a memory of the past moments. We cant experience the same in the present. Each moment, our consciousness is getting evolved.Our surroundings have been influencing us.

Our consciousness has some limitations. In deep sleep we are not conscious of our existence.But the truth is that human beings tend to accept and process information continuously even during sleep. This happens due to the continuous change in the neuron connections in the nervous system. Even when we are awake, we are not aware of the various kinds of activities happening in our body. We don’t even know what is happening at each moment inside the brain cells which maintains out consciousness. The feeling of consciousness is created by the brain’s activities. The consciousness in human beings is formed as a result of the combined functioning of various parts of the brain. The consciousness changes according to the state of the brain. The primary duty of the consciousness is to understand the surroundings, the changes happening to the surroundings and the influence it creates.

We are all conscious of an ‘I’ within us. The consciousness, ‘I’, is a collective form of our emotions, thoughts and the ideas, intelligence, memories, imaginations which we are filled with. We don’t have this consciousness by birth. It is formed in the same manner as social consciousness is developed within us.

The extra sensory experiences happening to many people can be explained based on neuroscience. Today a neuroscientist can make us experience these extra sensory experiences using one or two electrodes. For each experience zone, there exists corresponding areas on the brain. Sometimes we might not experience pain when a rod passes through our head. A person having epilepsy or a similar brain related disorder may consider herself to be an extra ordinary person, an incarnation to save the world; she/he might even experience that her/his body is being lifted up up in the air.

Prasad Amore

Prasad Amore is a Licensed Rehab. Psychologist by RCI, Govt. of India. The 2nd Indian who has achieved the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma through National Qualification Framework of British Government. He is a psychological consultant and trainer helping individuals suffering with mental health issues and other psychological problems. He is a freelance writer and authored 5 books in Psychology and Social Science.

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