How to Awake from Hypnosis

How to Awake from Hypnosis

July 29, 2020 by Prasad Amore0

Most people do not understand the condition of hypnosis. They presume to become unconscious, and this is not at all what the feeling is like unless you’re the one in ten who easily achieves the deep level trance. The possibilities are that you can maintain awareness of all things that are going on around you.

Most of the subjects felt a part of them feeling that they were on stage, and a part of them was somewhere else. This was like being in two locations at the same time. That does not mean that you’re not hypnotized. It means, somewhere between light and medium trance, that you undergo a hypnotic level. For each person, it is different, but we typically go a little deeper each time because you are trained, until you reach your natural level.

You can doubt whether you’re really in a hypnotic state during a hypnotic trance. Perhaps you say to yourself, “I should just open my eyes now and get out of the trance, but I just don’t want to.” The reality is, you can, but the fact you do not want is a sign that you are hypnotically relaxed.

How to awake a person form Hypnotic state

A person subjected to hypnosis can be woken up from that state without much difficulty. But the transition from a very different state, when compared to the normal conscious state, to the latter has to be done naturally and slowly. The subject should be freed of all kinds of conditioning before waking them up from the hypnotic state. For example, if anyone of these instructions like, the tightening of muscles, feeling of weightlessness, painlessness, difficulty in opening the eyes etc. was given, it has to be withdrawn before waking her up from the hypnosis state.

By giving the following instructions peacefully and precisely, one can be woken up from hypnosis:

Instruction 1:

“In a few moments, I am going to wake you up from hypnosis. You will experience enthusiasm and happiness after you wake up from this strange mental state. Your body is coming back to normalcy. Here, it has come. Now you are capable of moving your body. Your body is getting rid of its weightlessness. Gradually, you are regaining normal body weight. Your body has come back to its normal state. You are able to open your eyes now. Open your eyes… open your eyes.”

Usually, on giving the above instructions, the subject wakes up from hypnosis. Some might not wake up. There is nothing to be worried here. Give the following instructions peacefully:

Instruction 2:

“Rest peacefully… Listen only to what I say. Now your body is coming back to normalcy. You are waking up… I am going to count from one to ten. You would have woken up by the time I reach ten.”

Count from one to ten slowly. When tried this way, most of the subjects do wake up from hypnosis. If the person still does not wake up, the process could be repeated after a while. In spite of all these, if they still don’t wake up, allow them to sleep for some time. They would slip off from hypnosis to healthy sleep in no time.

By no means should they be physically forced to wake up by patting them, using noise by clapping your hands, by spilling water on their face, etc.? Once both their body and mind get enough rest from normal sleep, they wake up on her own.

Through hypnosis, nobody really gets “stuck.” And because all the hypnosis is self-hypnosis, if you want to, you may wake up and become completely alert right in the middle of a show. Hypnotists have no control over your mind, to the degree to which you are prepared to adhere.

Prasad Amore

Prasad Amore is a Licensed Rehab. Psychologist by RCI, Govt. of India. The 2nd Indian who has achieved the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma through National Qualification Framework of British Government. He is a psychological consultant and trainer helping individuals suffering with mental health issues and other psychological problems. He is a freelance writer and authored 5 books in Psychology and Social Science.

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