Dangers in Counselling

May 4, 2019 by Prasad Amore0

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Vijay Kumar was brought by household members when he tried to suicide for counselling he tries out.

He said “I saw the death in front of me, I have no hope. The pain was I can’t do anything for my only daughter” he stumbled.

When I tried to know what’s the matter Vijay Kumar unleash the matter.

On a journey, Vijay Kumar accidentally caught blood from strangers wound. He worried that contact with blood will pour aids. He has no guts for a blood test. When the fear increases he saw a psychiatrist. He says some of the mental problems to the psychiatrist while buying the prescription of medicine Vijay Kumar asked as a general suspicion.

Sir If someone else blood caught in your hand can spread aids?

If you have wound and he has aids, that blood falls in it maybe you have a chance to caught aids” doctor replied.

That’s enough for Vijay Kumar always thinks about the terror of aids. He thinks that he is an aids patient. A kind of obsessive rumination. His voice breaks. He avoids the presence of friends. He then surrounds sounds became a cruel noise. In a depressing morning, he tried to suicide.  His doctor could not understand the inner nature of the question behind the question of Vijay Kumar, He did not have any doubts about his own thoughts. That doctor would have to treat his vain interests in a strategic way.

Of course, the counselling is just advice and without thoughtless words can give serious problems.

Sad man holding head with hand

So what really happened with Vijay Kumar? Vijay Kumar has been experienced this emotional crisis for over time. It can be understood as a social-cultural state. His behaviour influences heterosexual chemistry. Financial crisis can also be a reason. Various interpretations can be made from the fields of chemistry, psychology, economics, genetics, and social science.

At this level, it’s not easy to evacuate every think carefully and counselling. However professionally counselling should have a better understanding of human nature.

Counselling Harassment

psychiatrist doctor touching stress patient man to cheer up him from sadness on hospital bed. Mental or depressive disorder sickness. Healthcare concept.

Counselling is done on the basis of several psychological theories. Religious counsellors are mental counselling and mentoring the psychological aspects of religion. There are physical and mental problems in childhood and the counselling of psychoanalytical arguments against the cause of mental illness.

There are counselling methods on the basis of studies by Maslow’s idea that humans aren’t merely an Animal, he has to culture the potential to reach self-actualization. But psychoanalysis and human rights are against modern concepts towards the world and human behaviour. Since the principles of Humanitarianism were roughly based on the social and cultural theories were acceptable by religions. The much latest theories like Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (EBT) and cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT).

Silhouette of human hand holding bible and cross, the background is the sunrise., Concept for Christian, Christianity, Catholic religion, divine, heavenly, celestial or god.

The Christian religion preachers realized these were against the interests of the religion and presented the rational emotive spiritual therapy. The principles of the church were that we should never doubt the religious teachings and that is the cause of problems in life, we should control the mind through our soul, that there are limitations to believing in our own abilities, also that God is above all, along with logical reasoning we should also treatment of our ails is also necessary, and that Jesus Christ is the greatest psychiatrist.


The teaching Of Islam psychology is that if you want to have a spiritual impact in accordance with the god, one must find shelter in Allah.  Spiritual (swanthvana) advice of clinical theology that is sheltering in the Lord Almighty came under the name of the Christian religion. Based on various Indian philosophies in the name of Indian psychology karma theory and Bhagwat Gita annotations and activities were propagated.

In short, religious priests, teachers, and educated martyrs are exploiting religious beliefs with their beliefs. Mind power training, meditation, retro and art of living training are all over the course of persecution. It’s wrong through counselling all human (manovyathikal) will solve and difficulties get worse. Those who do not know enough about human nature can simplify the meaning of the words of the person and complicate simple issues. When the common sense of the people tend to oppose the existing thinking they oppress or say it psychic nature of mind.

Modern Counselling Ways

Social Media Users & Happy Words - Do they really mean the same?

Some scientists make use of the efficiency of science and put forward a sort of Metascience method. For their own privacy, they conclude in integral observations. There are also some dangerous observations due to their own personality standings. The fact that Regeneration treatment, dynamic medication and various other healing therapy and tests like roach are traditional methods is a known fact Psychological methods should be renewed in a natural habitat. Observations of brain scans and studies in hormones cannot be dismissed with such ease. Not only that there have also been apparent changes in the traditional thoughts on basic human social interaction methods.

On the basis of the growth of genetics, molecular biology and neuropsychology the viewpoints on the mind and (bhodamandalam) are accepted after various academic discussions. There were methods using evolutionary psychology to understand human behaviour.

The method of scientific counselling eliminates the state of mental and physical vulnerability and slavery. This isn’t forced upon the now prevailing theories. The counsellor interacts in the modern viewpoint of (bhodamandalam) and mental practices.

Prasad Amore

Prasad Amore is a Licensed Rehab. Psychologist by RCI, Govt. of India. The 2nd Indian who has achieved the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma through National Qualification Framework of British Government. He is a psychological consultant and trainer helping individuals suffering with mental health issues and other psychological problems. He is a freelance writer and authored 5 books in Psychology and Social Science.

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